Breckenridge Lift Ticket Options

Breckenridge offers a full suite of lift tickets from day lift tickets to multi-day lift tickets for adults (13-64 years), children (5-12 years), seniors (65+ years).

Due to the popularity of Breckenridge and the popularity of the Epic pass option, sales of lift tickets are limited during popular holiday periods which include: Dec 15- Jan 2, Jan 4-17, Feb 18-27.

What this means is if you are planning to ski or snowboard Breckenridge during these peak holiday times you will need to prepurchase your lift tickets through and credited ski travel businesses like Ski Bookings to ensure you have the lift tickets and access to the lifts when you want.

One other thing to consider is don’t leave purchasing your Breckenridge lift ticket to the last minute from the ticket window at the resort because that’s when you’ll pay the highest price for your lift tickets, if you can plan your holiday and book early we can package up a very competitive ski vacation that includes lift tickets for you and save you from having to pay full price at the ticket window.

Because of the increasing popularity of skiing and Breckenridge, it’s best to arrange your lift tickets before you arrive because there would be nothing worse than overpaying for lift tickets or even worse not being able to purchase lift tickets during these peak holiday periods.

You can also ski and ride Breckenridge with one of the Breckenridge EPIC pass options.

Breckenridge Epic Pass options

Breckenridge is owned and operated by Vail Resorts so you can ski and ride Breckenridge on one of the many EPIC pass options available to you to prepurchase each season by late November early December.

There are several epic pass options available to you. Here’s a breakdown of the various EPIC pass options so can choose the pass that best meets your needs.

Full Epic Pass

The full EPIC pass is like a season pass with unlimited access as you can use it every day of the season at Breckenridge and at the other Vail Resorts-owned and operated ski resorts. The pass also offers limited access to Vail’s partner resorts. If you plan on skiing and snowboarding Breckenridge for more than a week will then this pass is a great option. and visiting some of Vail Resort’s other resorts, and you don’t want to have to worry about holiday restrictions, then this is your best option.

Epic Local Pass

The Epic Local pass is also like a season pass for Breckenridge and it comes with season-long access with no holiday blackout periods for skiing and riding at Breckenridge and select other Vail resorts. If you plan on skiing Breckenridge for more than seven days in the season, plus skiing some of the other Vail Resorts, and you are not concerned about the holiday restrictions at the other resorts then this is a great option for you.

Summit Value Pass

The Summit Value Pass is a unique ski pass that offers season-long season pass type access to Breckenridge with holiday restrictions which means you don’t have holiday access to Breckenridge with this pass, and this Summit value pass also offers ski season-long resort access to Keystone without any holiday restrictions. The Summit value pass is the best value if you only plan on skiing Breckenridge and Keystone for the ski season.

Epic Day Pass

The Epic Day Pass is valid for the specified number of days (not necessarily consecutive) and comes in an unrestricted form which means no holiday blackout and it also comes in a restricted form which means it’s blacked out during the holiday periods and you don’t have holiday access to Breckenridge during this time.

As there are multiple pass options to choose from we have created an Epic Pass Option guide for you that answers our most Frequently Answer Questions and can arrange and book all of your Epic Passes for you.

What Are The Lift Lines Like At Breckenridge?

In ski season 2021/22 Vail Resorts introduced EpicMix Time as part of their EpicMix app which displays a full day forecast of lift line times with the idea that this will allow you to plan ahead and maximize your skiing and snowboarding on the mountain. The EpicMix Time is powered by machine learning and is designed to give you the latest information, but as you would expect because Breckenridge is one of the most popular ski resorts in North America it does get extremely busy during the peak holiday and weekend time periods.

Other Things to Know about Breckenridge Lift Tickets and Passes

Half-day lift tickets are available for the afternoon and offer great value if you only want to ski and ride later in the day. To purchase half-day lift tickets, head to the ticket window at the resort.

Bundle your Breckenridge lift tickets and lodging here.