Located in western Hokkaido, Kiroro is renowned for being perfect for both intermediate & family skiing as well as deep powder thanks to a massive 20-metre plus average annual snowfall. The resort is renowned for having some of the driest snow in the region as it is the first to be hit by the cold Siberian airflows responsible for Hokkaido’s phenomenal powder.

Kiroro’s ski field is easy to navigate and the slopes are groomed to perfection, with many gentle beginner runs. Management also go the extra mile to ensure the visitor experience is seamless and particularly entertaining. (Ride a segway on the snow anyone?)

There is no town as such although the two upscale hotels at Kiroro’s base area are brimming with restaurants, shops, spas, bars, and entertainment. The closest town is Otaru, a coastal port town about 40 minutes away, well worth a visit for fabulously fresh seafood, a mix of east and western architectural styles, and a range of other attractions.

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