Exceptional and expansive terrain along with the propensity to attract some of the lightest powder snow in North America are hallmarks of this legendary resort. Along with next-door neighbor Alta, Snowbird is ranked one of the top three snowiest resorts in the United States, receiving an average of 33 feet (10.2 m) of snowfall per year due to the storm-boosting effects of Utah’s Great Salt Lake.

These attributes have won Snowbird a legion of diehard fans since it opened in 1971, not least because snowboarders are allowed, unlike across the ridge in Alta.

Snowbird is particularly well-suited to advanced and expert mountain riders but rest assured, there is more than enough to entertain intermediates and beginners. The base village comprises a collection of lodging centered around Snowbird’s largest hotel The Cliff Lodge, and The Snowbird Centre filled with convenience stores, eateries, and restaurants.

Snowbird Ski Resort Mountain & Terrain