How to get to Lake Louise Ski Resort

The Village of Lake Louise and the Lake Louise Ski Area are both located in Banff National Park.

Calgary International Airport (YYC) is located two hours away from Lake Louise and one hour and 15 minutes from the town of Banff, where the majority of Lake Louise skiers stay.

There are free winter bus services running every 30 minutes from the small village to the ski area, and free daily bus services from Banff to Lake Louise and back again that takes around 45 minutes each way.

Driving distances to Lake Louise include:

Calgary to Banff 78 miles / 126 km
Calgary to Lake Louise 115 miles / 185 km
Edmonton to Banff 258 miles / 415 km
Vancouver to Banff 528 miles / 850 km
Banff to Lake Louise 37 miles / 59 km
Banff to Jasper 181 miles / 292 km
Banff to Revelstoke 175 miles / 283 km

Popular flight times to Calgary include:

  • Chicago, IL 3h 25m
  • Dallas, TX 3h 40m
  • Denver, CO 2h 30m
  • Los Angeles, CA 3 h 15m
  • New York, NY 4h 45m
  • Orlando, FL 5h
  • Seattle, WA 1h 50m
  • Montreal, QC 4h 40m
  • Ottawa, ON 4h 25m
  • Toronto, ON 3h 40m
  • Vancouver, BC 1h 25m
  • Winnipeg, MB 2h 5m
  • Beijing, China 10h 30m
  • London, England 9h 5m
  • Manchester, England 11h 20m
  • Mexico City, Mexico 5h 30m
  • Sydney, Australia 17h 30m
  • Tokyo, Japan 9h 10m

Map showing route to Lake Louise Ski Resort from Calgary International Airport