Vail Ski School

Vail has you covered with around 1000 instructors who speak over 30 languages and offers all of the lesson options you would expect from a highly rated market-leading ski school including private and group lessons for adults, kids, and teens. The Vail Ski and Snowboard School operates out of Golden Peak, Vail Village, and Lionshead as well as at Mid-Vail.

Vail Ski School Adult Private Lessons

Adult (15+ year) private lessons operate out of Vail Village, Lionshead, and Golden Peak for skiers and boarders of all abilities. The start time is 9 am. A private lesson is often the very best learning experience because of individualized coaching. You also get to ski and learn on the specific terrain and areas you want so you can pick up lots of local knowledge on the best spots and when to hit them along with the benefit of skipping the lift lines.

Vail Ski School Adult Group Lessons

Adult (15+ year) group lessons operate out of Lionshead and Golden Peak for skiers and boarders. They run for a half-day with small group sizes. There is the option of a morning half-day or an afternoon half-day lesson. Group lessons do not include a lift pass, so you will need to arrange this separately.

Vail Ski School Child Private Lessons

Children thrive in a fun environment and learn as much from play as anything else, which is why a private lesson with a dedicated instructor who can connect with your child’s inner skier or board is such a great investment in their future enjoyment of the sport. Private lessons operate out of Vail Village, Lionshead, and Golden Peak for skiers and boarders of all abilities. Ski the lift lines and explore the whole mountain subject to the child’s ability.

Vail Ski School Child Group Lesson

Making new friends as you improve your skills and be taken on an adventure around the slopes is just some of the magic when it comes to a group lesson at Vail. Child group lessons operate out of Lionshead and Golden Peak for skiers and boarders of all abilities.

Children age 3-4: one-on-one, one-hour lessons
Children age 5-6: max. class size of four
Children age 7+: max. class size of six

Vail Ski Schol Family Private Lesson

Explore all that Vail has to offer with family and friends in group sizes of up to six students. Share the memories and the fun and watch everyone improve or you may prefer to book a family private to jump the lift lines and get to the action before anyone else. Family private lessons operate out of Vail Village, Lionshead and Golden Peak for skiers and boarders of all abilities.

For Ski School For Beginner Skiers

Golden Peak Ski School is a great place for beginners as the learning terrain is at the base of the mountain. Unlike the Lionshead Ski School, where you ride the Eagle Bahn Gondola up to the Adventure Ridge area to where the beginner terrain is located, which is at the top of the mountain. This makes for a great view and experience for first-timers.

Vail Ski School Frequently Asked Questions

Are lift tickets included with ski lessons?

No, you need to purchase a lift ticket, which you can also do through us.

Can you make a booking for me for now, for later in the ski season?

Yes, we can book you in for any time during the ski season right now.

Can I ski with my child during their lesson?

Ideally, it’s recommended that you observe from a distance so the class and your child are not disrupted. Another option is to take a Family Private if you all want to ski together.

What time do we meet and where do we meet our instructor?

We’ll supply all of this information in easy-to-follow instructions once your booking is all confirmed.

Other Things To Know

The Vail Ski Resort is one the best ski resort destinations in the Colorado Ski Resorts and all of the North American ski resorts. The ski resort is located a Vail Colorado. Colorado skiing is known for amazing light dry Colorado snow and hero snow for snow skiing. The ski mountain and the colorado resort located at Vail Mountain offers an exceptional ski vacation and snow school experience.

If you are lucky enough to ski Vail and you wish to build your confidence with ski lessons then Vail is one of the standouts of all of Colorado ski areas. The Vail winter is blessed with Vail snow (quality light and dry) and is one of the Colorado snow resorts you have to visit to believe.

Vail is a ski place like no other, with endless gentle groomers and fun, challenging back bowls. The area is known by several ways to describe it. Vail Colorado Ski Resort. The Ski Place. Vail Mountain Resort Colorado, Ski Mountain Colorado, and Vail Colorado skiing.

But whatever name you give it, be sure to visit Vail asap, you’ll be so glad you did and you’ll want to keep coming back for more.

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Group of five learner skiers at Vail Ski Resort in Colorado