Skiers descending Panorama Mountain with a helicopter in the air above themPanorama Spings Hot Pools

Panorama Heli Skiing And Heli Boarding

Nestled at the base of Panorama Mountain Resort is RK Heliski, with 50 years of fresh powder track experience, which makes it easy to experience the adventure and exhilaration of heli-skiing and heli boarding right from your lodging.

RK Heliski’s tenure is massive covering 930 square miles (1500 km) of pristine Purcell Mountains that include spectacular scenery, expansive glaciers, and quality glade skiing that combine to create memories and highlights for a lifetime.

The Purcell Mountain Range receives frequent powder storms from the west, bringing loads of dry, low-density snow. With Panorama and RK Heliski located at the apex of the Purcell Mountains, this means the snow remains light and dry, and stays on the ground well into May, vastly extending the operating season.

RK Heli offers adventures in three ability levels for powder seekers: intermediate, advanced, and expert. See below for a guide to the three heli-skiing ability levels because the heli-ski groups are based on what level you rate yourself.

Breakfast and a backcountry lunch are included plus the mandatory safety briefing and the use and training of Pulse BarryVox transceivers from your certified mountain guides.

RK Heliski boasts some of the highest landings in the Canadian heli-skiing industry. With many landings well above 10,000 feet (3,048m) and some over 11,000 feet (3,352m) (those are heli landings, not peaks), this means, you are roughly 2000 – 3000 feet (609m – 914m) above the treeline on these runs, which makes for some endless powder turn fun.

The guides will ensure you and your legs get their money’s worth. RK Heliski offers a daily 3 or 5 run package to accommodate people looking for a single day powder adventure.

The five runs a day average 3,608 vertical feet (1100m) each, and you will certainly leave RK Heliski satisfied and eager for the next trip.

There are also semi-private and private group bookings available.

Heli-Skiing Ability Guide

Groups are based on these ability levels from intermediate, advanced, to expert. It is important to be in the right group that matches your ability, so you are comfortable with the pace. In terms of terrain selection, it is based each day on avalanche hazards, weather conditions, and finding the best possible snow.

Intermediate rated heli-skiers need to be in good physical condition. Be able to ski challenging terrain and be confident in their ability to avoid obstacles. You can ski black runs, it may not be pretty, but you can safely avoid obstacles and come to a stop at any given moment.

Advanced rated heli-skiers also have good physical fitness. They can ski 200 – 300 yards/meters of powder pitches without hesitation with a shorter radius turn.

Expert rated heli-skiers can ski any terrain, in any kind of conditions, in any depth of snow, without hesitation. can arrange all of your RK Heli-Ski day(s) and packages for you – just let us know what you want by contacting us.